Tuesday, January 14, 2003

The Age of Linking Dangerously

To understand just one life, you have to swallow the world.
-Salman Rushdie, Midnight's Children
Once upon the time (insert a date) Children of the Complete Planet Searched the entire World

If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.
—Catherine Aird

Search Engine Land

000: Dewey Decimal Classification System Invisible Patterns of Ones, Zeroes and Beyond

A chorrible (sic) warning, Jozef Imrich, is a self-proclaimed charter member of what he calls ‘the samizdata, information, broker generation.’ The first generation of informaniacs with total access to a database of tens of thousands of books, songs and films at any given moment ... something no other generation before ours can claim. Sharing great and small discoveries is largely why weblogging got so hot and sultry in the first place. From the deeply serious to the shallowly frivolous ... Even the smallest person can change the course of the future!
Samizdata, derived from Samizdat /n. a system of clandestine publication of banned literature in the Soviet Czechoslovakia [Russ.,= self-publishing house] BTW, in Slavic languages Net does mean no (smile)


Keep on Blogging!

…librarians are more freedom fighters than shushers
-Carla Hayden, Ms. Magazine online
· Radical Reference is a collective of volunteer library workers who believe in social justice and equality Radical Reference; ResearchZilla; One Stop Shops: Researching Librarian ; *Reference Libraries

000 Computers, Information, & General Reference

Includes: computing, Internet, libraries, information science

Attracting Deep & Meaningful Websites
· People's No. 1 question is How do I find stuff? - Michael comes to the rescue at DeepBlog (with links to local bloggers) [Wikipedia is peppered with Kold River links - Media Dragon Search Engines; Kingdom of General Reference Links - Lib-web-cats is a directory of libraries worldwide Online, Searchable Directory of Libraries Worldwide ; Dangerous archiving How to keep the stuff: the Prelinger Archive; Academic Bloggers: Research on Blogs]

First thing first, so czech (sic) out Google & Amazon and practice your searching skills by employing tools such as " + or - " There's no doubting Google's power and popularity. Yet few of us use the search engine effectively. Larry Page and Sergey Brin & Jeff Bezos know all the tricks:
Then find out What Google Guide Teaches You or How can Soople Make your life easier... or, in fact, even Blog Father ;-)
[It's gotten to the point where people think if it's not in Google, it doesn't exist. More places for one and all webmasters and bloggers - Google Help : Cheat Sheet [Googling is an Art](Should we all be using this GoogleAnon bookmarklet to set our Google GUID to all zeros, in order to anonymize our searches? Anonymizing Google's Cookie )
Site Search Pro is a comprehensive search script. It provides complete, customizable, effective, and fully-functional site searching for any type of Web site ; Think Different: Thinking Outside the Search Box ]
Mr Sapo is a Blogfather of Blog Searches; while Blogometer rocks
· Google has some fun features that may be unfamiliar to many
· Diana Botluk introduces us to Search Engine Comparison Chart
· Where in the World Is ... Recommends Websites for Research of Global and Local Issues. While you can ensure that a press gallery party will leave you with seven new phone numbers, a horrendous headache and a bizaree character under your doona, there are some wild sites no one can predict: Unpredictable Power Reporting
Quick Access Quality Blogs - Red Couch: DeepBlog.com is an Easy Guide & Portal to Quality Blogs
Mark Schaver provides another useful list (Amerikan bias): The most useful Web sites for reporters
[New Technorati This favelet for IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, etc. Making a difference in web browsing experience: Get a quick view of what people are saying about any particular article, web page, company, keywords, or blog post]

· A Global Trick to Avoid News Website Registration [See also Bug ME Not]
· NYTimes: Permanent link about links

My virtual dream has come true and the reality is classified here:
· Dewey Dream Classified (Divine) [Cyber Dewey] (Czech out also Catalogablog)
· · Excellent Art & Science Databases
· · · See Also Another excellent directory of library weblogs
· · · · Top Ten Sources is a site that finds best blog sources on a topic

· Lecture Notes, Course Material, Images [Dream by Jan Amos Komensky, a pioneer of education, remembered: MIT Initiative]

Search Engines by Search Features:
Compare the search engines by their features. This page lists search features and the search engines that support them.
· Search Engines [Search Engine Show Down] Blog Search with Blog Search Engines

The creative stakes are high in the era of naked conversations. Robert Scoble & Shel Israel paint a huge yet detailed canvas covering the intriguing phenomenon called blogging. Samizdata of Communication: Entrepreneural, Informed & Independent - Personal and Business Blogging Adding Your Voice to the Conversation: Why CEOs Should Blog (peppered with links)
Need to find an expert? This list has over 100 blogs listed Weblogs published by industry analysts

UberBloggerDarren Rowse of Living Room Fame serves the internet unconditionally; Darren shares priceless Blog Tips right here!
· Engines [Blog Tips: Living Room]
· Furthermore, Darren has compiled a great series entitled 31 Days to Better Blogs Declaring War on Blogger Apathy - Complete Article
· What a difference an evangelical blogging tutorial makes!
Elsewhere Forbes links to Blog Tools
Time to check: Are you using the right blogging tool? ; Bookmarklets Every Blogger Should Have

As it happens, Ari Paparo is a real giver so take it and enjoy surfing:
· Big List of Blog Search Engines [Blog Search Engines, Directories, and Web-based RSS aggregators ]
Czech out this collection of resources that Phil uses on a regular basis arranged under different topics. It should make your life quicker and easier if you're not sure which search engine to use for which type of query, and for created a search strategy Search engines
· Ach, Priceless Weblog Tools by Elise Bauer (Ageless)
If you are a journalist or an author you must visit the following site peppered with vital links. Your publisher will kiss your feet (smile) and your royalty czechs might be kinder to you as as well as a result. So submit your RSS Feeds & Weblog URLs To Get More Exposure, Visibility And Reach
The News-Observer's John Robinson has published Standards and Practices for bloggers on his paper's website. These are things all of us should be thinking about and worth repeating: Make fun of no one except yourself ... Play nice with the local bloggers Great rules for newspaper bloggers
A number of other sites are helping writers to find strangest and craziest stuff in the blogosphere:
SearchEngineWatch Blog; Search Blog; Search Engine Guide ; Slow Down and Find

Measuring not the popularity of a site but how good dragons are at injecting ideas into the mainstream...
The most-read Media Dragons aren't necessarily the ones with the most original ideas.
· Warning: Blogs Can Be Infectious

Timeless, Borderless, Trend Setters
· Bloggers Rate the Most Influential Blogs and Media Websites [Timeless June 2003]
[ Daily Dusty News ]
General Reference Links
· Undoubtedly the best weblog directory [Bloggers.door.nu]
· Links to More Links [Digital-Librarian]
· Wall Street: The Best of Web [Wall Street Journal]
· Webblog Indexes [Blogspotting]

#CEOs Who Blog: Those Who Just Cannot Be Ignored

Blogosphere Docs Never Sleeps
Gary Price is a Web hero. He's a mild-mannered librarian who helps tame the Internet for the rest of us. In a 2003 column, I praised his ResourceShelf.com as the best way I know of to keep abreast of useful of useful new online resources.
· So you are a real info-junkie - you need to scan through much more information than others. You probably are subscribing to hundreds of information feeds - blogs, data feeds, news feeds, etc. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Welcome to BlogBridge - the Blog and feed aggregation solution
Research Galore [ Czech out the document tracker: DocuTicker.com]
Tara Calishain Also Never Sleeps: Seven Ways to Save Time Searching Peeling the Imperfect Onion
·Start a dangerous liaison with bloggers at Law Professor Blogs
·Law Library Blogs and Blogs by Law Librarians or Law Library Associations Compiled by Bonnie Shucha Law Libraries and Law Librarians Who Are Blogging
· Librarian’s Index to the Internet [Lii]
· Almost Complete Collections of Internet Search Engines [Mindspring]
· All About Blogs, Bloggers, Diaring [Mindspring]
· Media, Newspapers Journalism Links [Digital-Librarian]
· Reference Links [Refdesk.com]
· Quick References: Almanacs, Atlas, Dictionaries, Encyclopaedia ... [Reference.com]
· Internet Library [Internet Public Library]
Links for Researchers & Journalists
· Web Sites for Researchers & Journalists [Website of John Oatis]
· Public Records [Website of John Oatis]

· Links and Useful Sites [Journaliststoolbox.com]
· Investigative Reporting Links: US [IRE]
Say yes to Creating and Publishing Weblogs (Wikipedia)

Research Papers
· Latest Research Papers Antipodean Bias]
· Public Affairs Antipodian Bias
· Legislative Research: Covering Many Topics [Gary Price]

Essential Search Links
· Links Galore [Welcom]

Special Issues
· List Covering Business, Arts, Agriculture, Science, Administration. [Gary Price]
Welcome to the Directory of Open Access Journals. This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals:
· Journals Full Text [Directory of Open Access]
· Search Congressional-Research-Service Reports [Zfacts.com]
* Professors Who Blog
* Blogebrity
* White Papers Links
* Alexa Browser
* Amazon Browser
* Anacubis
* Blogstreet Browser
* Google Browser
* Google Visual Search
* Grokker2
* News Is Free
* Research Mapper

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Read, every day, something no one else is reading (such as Cold River - smile). Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity.
Christopher Morley, American Novelist, Journalist, Poet (1890-1957)

# Academics Who Blog
# Zillman Private Library Links

Gurus Inside the Blogging World
*For your own sake get your priority right and visit Blogging Pastors Are They for Real? Dive in and Find Out
Ach, Ceasar must be served too
CEOs Who Blog
Academics who want to make a difference utilise services of one of the unique boutique companies in the world Academic Search
Lets Read All the Law Professor Bloggers

Roger Ailes; Ampersand; ArchPundit; Atrios; Jack Balkin; BoingBoing; Body and Soul; Michael Brooke; Peter Briffa; Timothy Burke; Avedon Carol; Josh Cherniss; Iain Coleman; Davos Newbies; Daily Kos; The Decembrist; Brad DeLong; Charles Dodgson; Daniel Drezner; Kevin Drum; Electrolite; Fafblog; A Fistful of Euros; Ed Felten; Gary Farber; Russell Arben Fox; Harry's Place; The Head Heeb; Jim Henley; Steven Johnson; Mark Kleiman; Larry Lessig; Libertarian Samizdata; Chris Lightfoot; Making Light; Joshua Marshall; MaxSpeak; Iain Murray; Charles Murtaugh; Nathan Newman; Natalie Solent; OxBlog; PolitiX; Pandagon; Pedantry; Philosophy from the 617; Political Aims; The Poor Man; Road to Surfdom; Alan Schussman; 6th International; Slugger O'Toole; Lawrence Solum; Tacitus; The Talking Dog; Tapped; Two Blowhards; Unlearned Hand; The Virtual Stoa; Volokh Conspiracy; Wonkette; Matthew Yglesias;

The Splinter Group (Academic Blogs)
academic link policy

Butterflies and Wheels; Cardinal Collective; Crescat Sententia; Gnostical Turpitude; Kikuchiyo News; Obsidian Wings; The Panda's Thumb; Publius Minor (moribund?); SCSU Scholars; Terra Nova; The Volokh Conspiracy; WordHerders;
Yale Insider

Political science/Political Theory
"Abu Aardvark"; Antidotal; ArchPundit; Chris Brooke; Casus Belli (on hiatus); Josh Cherniss; Andrew R. Cline; Dan Drezner; Rory Ewins; Daniel Geffen; Norman Geras; Michael Gordon; Rick Hasen; The Insurgent; James Joyner; Jusiper; Loren King; Chris Lawrence; Brett Marston; Laura McK****; "Nasi Lemak"; Nathan Paxton; Rodger Payne; Chris Sciabarra; Steven L. Taylor; Garry Young

Sociology/Public Policy
Amitai Etzioni;Tina Fetner; Brayden King; Mark Kleiman; Lago; Molly Moloney; Political Aims; Prairie Sociology; Alan Schussman; Martin Stabe; Rowan Wolf

Employment and Small Business
It stands to reason that budding businesspeople would be attracted to Weblogs, those do-it-yourself publishing sites that embody the very spirit of entrepreneurism Small Business ; New Players Offer Deep Web Access to Facilitate Online Job Search: Simply Hired and Indeed, upstarts less than a year old, are getting attention for their Google-like approach to helping people find jobs. They do for job listings what Google does for general information -- crawl or "scrape" listings from thousands of sites and create a free, searchable index in one spot." Simply Amazing; Glenbrook, run by a father-daughter team, demonstrated its technology by building a search engine that scoops up job listings from the databases of various Web sites, something the company claims most search engines cannot do Duo's search engine scours 'hidden' sites

Angry Bear; Kevin Brancato; Brad de Long; Full Context; Peter Gordon; Indiawest; John Irons; Stephen Karlson; Stephen Kirchner; Lynne Kiesling; Jim Leitzel; Marginal Revolution; Kevin McCabe; Ben Muse; John Quiggin: (Ned Kelly; Juraj Janosik, Robin Hood); Eric Rasmusen; Raymond Sauer; Taxing Times; William Sjostrom (AtlanticBlog)
CODA: Max Speaks - A new edition to Blogovia, the liberal hemisphere of the blogospher : Liberal or radical economists with actual credentials in the field who blog I Feel A Change In The Economic Force

Amaravati; Anggarrgoon; H.E. Baber; Matt Brown; Brandon Butler; Keith Burgess-Jackson; Noam Chomsky; Denis Dutton; Karl Elliott; Fake Barn County; Kai von Fintel; Russell Arben Fox; Roger Gathman; Michael Green; David Hildebrand; John Holbo; Jonathan Ichikawa; Language Log; Brian Leiter; Roderick T. Long; Matthew McGrattan; Geoffrey Nunberg; Orange Philosophy; Philosophy from the 617; Jeremy Pierce; Punishment Theory; Timothy Quigley; Conor Roddy; Sappho's Breathing; Anders Schoubye; Tom Stoneham (moribund?); Michael Sevel; Peter Suber; Eddie Thomas; Bruce Umbaugh; What is the name ...; Matt Weiner; Will Wilkinson; Jessica Wilson

Milt Rosenberg;
Tom Stafford

Ann Althouse; Stephen Bainbridge; Jack Balkin; Jack Bogdanski; Paul L. Caron;
Jeff Cooper (on hiatus); Wayne Eastman; Victor Fleischer (on hiatus); Peter Friedman; Michael Froomkin; Bernard Hibbitts; Walter Hutchens; InstaPundit; Andis Kaulins; Lawmeme; Edward Lee; Karl-Friedrich Lenz; Larry Lessig; Mirror of Justice; Eric Muller; Nathan Oman; John Palfrey; Ken Parish; Punishment Theory; Larry Ribstein; The Right Coast; D. Gordon Smith; Lawrence Solum; Peter Tillers; David Wagner; Kim Weatherall; Tun Yin

Blackberry Picking; Blogenspiel; Timothy Burke; Naomi Chana; Cliopatria; Juan Cole; Cranky Professor; Greg Daly; James Davila; Sherman Dorn; Michael Drout; Frogs and Ravens; Evan Garcia; George Mason History bloggers; Rebecca Goetz; Invisible Adjunct (inactive); Konrad Mitchell Lawson; Liberty and Power; Pam Mack; Heather Mathews; H.D. Miller; Marc Mulholland; Jacob Remes; Christopher Sheil; Red Ted; Brian Ulrich; Shana Worthen

Lauren Andreacchi; Joseph Bosco; David Brake; Collin Brooke; Maximilian Dornseif; Ed Felten; Louise Ferguson; Anne Galloway; Josh Greenberg; Alex Halavais; Tracy Kennedy; Tim Lambert; Liz Lawley; Mas Media and the Military; Michael O'Foghlu; Jose Luis Orihuela; Alex Pang; Ranting Professors; Ken Rufo; Douglas Rushkoff; Vika Safrin; Rob Schaap (Blogorrhoea); Frank Schaap; Robert A. Stewart; Ray Trygstad; Jill Walker; Siva Vaidahyanathan

Kerim Friedman; Alex Golub; Martijn de Koning; Nicholas Packwood

Stentor Danielson; Benjamin Heumann; Scott Whitlock

Edward Bilodeau; Richard Kahn; Kelvin Thompson; Mark Byron

Business administration
Michael Watkins

Literature, language, culture
Mike Arnzen; Brandon Barr (lit); Cold River; Michael Berube; Colin Brayton (comp lit); John Bruce; Miriam Burstein; Jean Chu (lit); "Chun the Unavoidable"; Hans Coppens (Japanese Studies); Tyler Curtain (cult stud); Terry Dean; Joseph Duemer (lit); Flaschenpost; Kathleen Fitzpatrick; Rachael Groner; Alison Hale (Am lit); Household Opera; Dennis Jerz (lit); Jason Jones; Miriam Jones; Matthew Kirschenbaum (English/information studies); Steven Krause; Lilliputian Lilith; John Lovas; Gerald Lucas (English); Making Contact; Scott McLemee; Rose Nunez; Erin O'Connor (English); Michael Sayeau; Amardeep Singh; Steve Shaviro (English/Comp Lit); Vera Tobin; Chuck Tryon (cult stud); University Diaries; George H. Williams (English)

The Virtual Tophet; Michael Hendry; David Meadows

AKM Adam; Ryan Overbey; Telford Work (theology)

Library Science
Norma Bruce

Pradeep Atluri; Bloviator; Anthony Cox; Susan Ferrari; Amy Greenwood; La Di Da; John M. Lynch; Charles Murtaugh
Paul Z. Myers; Respectful of Otters; Amity Wilczek (biology); Theodore Wong

Physics/Applied Physics
Trish Amuntrud; Sean Carroll; Jacques Distler; Irascible Professor; Michael Nielsen; Chad Orzel;

Dead Parrots; Christopher GenoveseMoment, Linger on; Jason Rosenhouse; Vlorbik; Peter Woit

Complex Systems
Cosma Shalizi ; Bill Tozier

"Keneth Miles"

Zack Amjal

Chris Hall

University Administration
Frank Admissions;

Architecture/Urban development
City Comforts (urban planning); Unfolio; Panchromatica

Earth Sciences
Our Take

Other sources of information
Arts and Letters Daily; Imprints; Political Theory Daily Review; Science and Technology Daily Review
100 Philosophy & Psychology
100 Philosophy and psychology
Includes: ethics, paranormal phenomena
· Philosophy Links [via Philosopher]
· Articles & Discussion [Philosopher (UK)]
· Ethics: Updates, Articles, Links [Ethics]
· Psychology: Encyclopaedia & Links [Psychology]
David Chalmers has very good list of philosophy blogs
200 Religion
200 Religion
Includes: bibles, religions of the world
· Religion Links [Conjure]
· from Shirl Kennedy at Resourceshelf Great links for background on religion
300 Social Sciences
300 Social sciences
Includes: taxation, parliament, politics, economics, law, education
· Blogspotting: Social & Political Irony, Trends, Moods, Emotions, Feelings [Media Dragon]
· Alfredo Perez: Political Theory
· Social Siences Links [Digital-Librarian]
· Fast Facts to Humanities & Social Siences [Gary Price]
· Center for Democracy and Technology
Law and Justice
· Law & Justice Links [The Nation]
· Comprehensive Guide: Finding Australian Law
Political Links
Elections may be presidential or legislative. Information is current for 6 months prior to and six months after the election date: Elections around the World
· Political Sience, Elections, Political Parties [Political Science Reference]
· Political and Social Sience, Elections, Cultural Commentary [Australian Policies Online]
· Political Forum [Online Opinion: Antipodean]
· Political and Social Sience, Elections, Cultural Commentary [Open Democracy: British Flavour]
Parliamentary & Political Links
· Parliamentary, Legislative, Political Sience, Elections, Political Parties Links [NSW Parliamentary Library]
· Political Links [Australian Parliamentary Library]

What is the world coming too? Another bullet dodged by Tim Blair’s administrator, Andrea Harris, who has banned Antipodean Daily Flute from spreading a dissenting voice The Act of Being Blaired: Blairingly Obvious [It was Blair citing Bush as a fountain of wisdom that tickled me, I hadn’t heard anything else] Banned Blair ; Minds Lost; I’d think very long and hard before calling Tim Blair a moron Robert Corr; Mat Henderson-Hau has been banned from Blair's site after his internet protocol (or identification) number was tracked and blocked
How Congress Uses Blogs:
Few Members of Congress have taken the plunge and created blogs to communicate with constituents. Their hesitance is understandable given the unfiltered nature of blogs and the high workload demands already placed on Members and their staff. As an emerging technology, however, it's interesting to observe the first stages of blogging on the Hill and contemplate its potential.
• Congress Online Special Edition: The Blow-by-Blow Blog
• By now, almost every representative and every senator in Congress has a Web site Congress Online: Much Sizzle, Little Steak
Taxing Bloggers & Sites
· A Taxing Blogger: Policy (emphasis on US) [Tax Nerds]
· Mitteleuropean Instapundit in Exile (Partial to Irony with Antipodean bias) [Tax Collector]

Tax: Australia
· Taxation Links: Australia [Australian Taxation Office]
Tax: UK (Together with International Tax Links) *Jozef’s Pick
· Taxation Links: UK [Internal Revenue Service]
Tax: US
· Taxation: US [Internal Revenue Service]
Tax Law & Accounting Links
· Taxation Links: US & International [U of N Iowa by Dennis Schmidt. A fantastic resource of tax links]
· Taxation Links: US & International [University of Oklahoma Law Center]
400 Language
400 Language
Includes: linguistics, language learning, specific languages
English: Heels over head in love with the English language
· Languages [English]
· Languages Links [Polyglot]
· Languages Links [ilovelanguages.com]
500 Science
500 Science and mathematics
Includes: physics, chemistry, earth sciences, biology, zoology
· BLOGS: Grand Medical Rounds (2006)
· Medicine Links [Miami]
· Peak body of doctors [The Australasian Integrative Medicine Association]
· The Cochrane Collaboration [International organisation]

· Health & Medicine Links [Digital-Librarian]
The Art of Cooking
600 Technology & Management
600 Technology
Includes: medicine, engineering, agriculture, management
· Technology Links [Technologylinks.org]
· Technology Forecasts [Battelle.org]
Business Links: Hand Picked Directory
· Business Links [Business2.com]
· Fortune 500 Blogging Wiki (socialtext.net/bizblogs) amasses blogs maintained by employees of the biggest American corporations. A Blog That Blogs Corporate Blogs Find telephone company or business anywhere even individual reverse calls etc .. Find any telephone number anywhere in the world
700 Arts & Recreation
700 The arts & sport
Includes: art, cooking, planning, architecture, music, swimming
Cooking (Lauren’s Suggestions)
· Cook Books & Recipes [Recipes]
· Cookbooks [HWatson]
· Ms Magazine [Women Arts]
800 Literature
800 Literature and Cold River
Includes: literature of specific languages
· Literary Links [Mindspring]
Literature: Encyclopaedia
· Cento: Literary blogs at your fingertips ; Literature [LitEncyc.com]
· Reviews [Saloon: Mr Michael Orthofer, Managing Editor, at The Complete Review ]

900 History & Geography
900 Geography and history
Includes: travel, genealogy, archaeology
· History Links [Libraries]
· History Links [Digital-Librarian]
· Travel Links [Digital-Librarian]
· Geography Links [Internet Public Library]

Friday, January 10, 2003

List of research & library-related weblogs (blogs)

Darlene Fichter - Blogging Your Life Away
Paula J. Hane - Blogs Are a Natural for Librarians
Walt Crawford - American Libraries, October 2001
Susannah Crego - Breaking News: Law Librarians as Newscasters
Cindy Curling - A Closer Look at Weblogs
Paula J. Hane - Blogs Are a Natural for Librarians
Greg Notess - The Blog Realm: News Sources, Searching with Daypop, and Content Management

eprintblog - E-print archives in universities and colleges, particularly those hosted by academic libraries, and the e-print phenomenon in general. Maintained by Guy Aron
Media Dragon Stories of ironies, political ideas, social trends; and as the spirit moves Jozef Imrich; Also has Central European, Slavic-Bohemian, flavour

The Aardvark Speaks - Horst Prillinger

Bibliolatry - Amanda Etches-Johnson, McMaster University
Le carnet
des sites de recherche
- Marc Duval
Current News in Veterinary Medicine - Jill Crawley, University of Saskatchewan
Extra net - Where Librarians and Technology Meet - Peter Verhagen
Health News - UofS Health Sciences Library
leddy weblog - University of Windsor
Library News Daily - Peter Scott
MLA NewsLine - Manitoba Library Association newsletter
Peter Scott's Onclave - under major construction

Biblog - Bibliotek og IT - This weblog will have news about
the rapidly changing role of the librarians and libraries in Denmark and elsewhere. (in Danish) - Tora Trier Hansen and Susanne Kierkegaard

Gateshead Central Library, England - Peter Bolger
David Little

Netbib - Edlef Stabenau

Kamat AnthoBLOGy - Vikas Kamat
MedLib - Medical Library weblog maintained by Vinod Scaria

Bibliotekarens bibliotek - commentary on library politics in Norway, children's literature and technology in libraries - Thomas Brevik
enger.priv.no - Magnus Enger

'brary blog - Stephanie A Davidson
AcmeBook News - Acme Bookbinding
AcqWeblog - Anna Belle Leiserson
ArtCat - Ramblings of an art cataloger - Mary Hammer
ASC Online - A weblog of Information Science & Technology education and mentoring for LIS graduates - Anita Coleman
the biz - Aaron Schmidt & Gabe Oppenheim
BlogBib - Susan Herzog, California Lutheran University
Bloug - Louis Rosenfeld
BookNotes - Craig Jensen
Catalogablog - David Bigwood
Chi Lib Rocks - Chicago Library System
EngLib, for Engineering and Science libraries/librarians - Catherine L. Welch
Exploded Library - Morgan Wilson
FOS News - News from the free online scholarship (FOS) movement - edited by Peter Suber
futureofthebook.com - Gary Frost
Glenview Public Library Weblog
to Problematical Library Use
- Don Saklad
h20boro lib blog - Waterboro Public Library, Maine
The Handheld Librarian - Lori Bell
Hartford Seminary Library - Library News
The Indie Rock Librarian - Mary Carmen Chimato
InfoMuse.net - Kristina M. Spurgin
It's All About Books! - Teri Embrey
Kegliography - Jay Kegley
L.A.C.K. (Librarians Are Corrupting Kids) - Chris Zammarelli
The Laughing Librarian - Brian Smith
Liblog - Christian Science Monitor
Liblog - Redwood City Library
librarian.net - Jessamyn West
Leah's Law Library Weblog by Leah Sandwell-Weiss
Library Lovers'
- Halsted Mencotti Bernard
library_geek - T.J. Sondermann
The Library Project - she can be taught - Mary Kindred
Library Stuff - Steven M. Cohen

Library Techlog - Matthew Eberle
LibraryNotes by Sandra Clockedile
LibraryPlanet - Michael Pate
Libronaut - Abigail Leah Plumb
LibTech Weblog - Eric Maynard
LII Possible Resources Blog - LII.org
LIS Learning Showcase - a website showcasing the works of students in Prof. Anita Coleman's courses at the School of Information Resources & Library Science, University of Arizona, Tucson
LISNews - Blake Carver
LLRX.com Newstand: - the latest news on legal-tech issues, legislation, web resources and services, online research and more - Sabrina I. Pacifici
MLK Library's Digital Daily Agenda - Dr. Martin Luther King Academic Middle School - San Francisco
Mostly Music - Laura Ronai, professor of flute, and Tom Moore, music librarian, The College of New Jersey
NewBreed Librarian - Juanita Benedicto & Colleen Bell
NewPages - Casey Hill
Noteworthy: A Current Awareness Weblog for the information community - by Jill O'Neill of NFAIS (National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services)
Observations from the front line - Nancy Wilson
oss4lib - Open Source Systems for Libraries
Pacifica Library News - Mark Kelly
The Rabid Librarian's Ravings in the Wind - Elisabeth Eilir Rowan
The Reader's Connection - Glenview Public Library
RERBLOG - A mix of library and technology postings with the occasional smattering of off-topic ones - Ross Riker
ResearchBuzz - Tara Calishain
Research is Elementary - Robert Eiffert
The ResourceShelf - Gary Price
Richland College Library - John Ferguson
Rogue Librarian - Carrie Bickner
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog - Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
Scout Weblog - Internet Scout Project
The Shifted Librarian - Jenny Levine
Siteseeing: Touring Innovative Illinois Libraries
STCC Library - Springfield Technical Community College
Tasha's Weblog - From Tasha Saecker, the Director of the Caestecker Public Library in Green Lake, Wisconsin
TBLC News and Events - Tampa Bay Library Consortium
TeleRead - calls for well-stocked national digital libraries in the U.S. and elsewhere. TeleRead's moderator is David Rothman
The Urbana Free Library Construction News - reporting on the two-year building expansion project
Wilton Library Weblog - Wilton, CT
Weblogs Compendium
[Via Libdex.com]

A Slave Is He Who Cannot Speak (Link) His Thoughts.
- Euripides

Each categorizer brings his or her life knowledge and prejudices to the process. The Dewey Decimal System's Religion category has nine subsections, seven of which are on Christianity. The rest of the world's religions are lumped into one subsection: Other. Language has nine subsections; seven of them cover European languages. Looking at the Dewey decimal system will tell you in which part of the world John Dewey grew up...

Life is a great mystery. Is everybody a different person when they are with somebody else?
Louise Fitzhugh, Harriet the Spy

The Moment of Escape: Just One Single Moment Can Change Everything
Everything we see and our brains themselves would just be parts of this simulation.’ Oxford University philosopher Dr Nick Bostrom echoes the thoughts of sci-fi writers and scientists alike. The simulation hypothesis is not sci-fi, it’s serious academic thought. Ach, Are We Real?
Despite various reservations, the following question seems to be in order: How likely are you to read Cold River, based on a real story, this year? Will you be a different person after you read it? If in fact by the end of the year, you find yourself ordering the story of Iron Curtain crossing, you might be able to shift some of the blame onto us. It seems that the simple and apparently mundane act of asking a question can lead to a very intentional response by the respondents or consumers.


By chance or good fortune, Cold River's 15 Minutes @ Digital Palm Reading keeps on Ticking
[ Number of people, mostly in their twenties, who attempt suicide in the world each year: 10 to 20 million; number who actually succeed: about 1 million --- Number of people who attempt to get published in the world each year: 100 to 200 million; number who actually succeed: about 10 million ...
-Source John Croucher, Professor of Statistics; and Media Dragon, Professor of Number Crunching]
Believe it or not - our other book - Sex at the Gate is selling like hot cakes: There is No Discount Like Double Dragon Discount: Dirty Thirty %